AIX – słowniczek

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System – Hardware

FRU – Field Replaceable Unit
SRN – Service Request Number
PUNs – Physical Unit Numbers
LUNs – Logical Unit Numbers


IVE – Integrated Virtual Ethernet . The capability to provide virtualized Ethernet services to LPARs without the need of VIOS. This functionality was introduced on several Power 6 systems.

HEA – Host Ethernet Adapter . The physical port of the IVE interface on some of the Power 6 systems. A HEA port can be added to a port group and shared amongst LPARs or placed in promiscuous mode and used by a single LPAR (typically a VIOS LPAR).

LHEA – Logical Host Ethernet Adapter . The virtual interface of a IVE in a client LPAR. These communicate via a HEA to the outside / physical world.

IVM – Integrated Virtualization Manager . This is a management interface that installs on top of the VIOS software that provides much of the HMC functionality. It can be used instead of a HMC for some systems. It is the only option for virtualization management on the blades as they cannot have HMC connectivity.

SEA – Shared Ethernet Adapter . This is a VIOS mapping of a physical to a virtual Ethernet adapter. A SEA is used to extend the physical network (from a physical Ethernet switch) into the virtual environment where multiple LPARs can access that network.


SPOT – Shared Product Object Tree, is a directory of code (installed filesets) that is used during client booting procedure. It is equivalent in content to the code that resides in the /usr file system on a system running AIX 5L (binary objects – executables and libraries, header files and shell scripts). This resource (directory) replaces the content of the basic ramdisk image available on installation CDs.

BFF – Backup File Format – AIX installable package files

rte – Run-Time Environment

WSM – Web-Based System Management

EZNIM – tbd…


SPAN – Switch Port Analyzer

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